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Finnest is an experienced team of professionals specialized in digitalization, platforms and software services for financial institutions as well as for corporations. We reached our level of maturity through decades of working experience in IT and financial industry on the one hand and through our leading crowdinvesting and corporate finance platform products on the other hand.

FinnestPro Software Service built the first digital loan syndication application for financial institutions. It helps banks run primary and secondary loan syndications more efficiently, saving cost, time and personnel resources.

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When running a loan syndication does your sales teams still discuss market liquidity, sound via phone, send emails, write invitations, call to push investors and collect commitment letters? And finally do you collect documentation comments and have lawyers handle the signing process? You are using existing external dataroom services, very good! But what if all this is managed via your own white-labeled APP, which allows one banker to run a full syndication practically alone? And if you wish you may have the deal embedded into an deal agency flow, which automatizes your back-office activities until the loan is repaid. You safe time, money and reach a lot more of your clients with this product. Your bank will love it! You want to know more about it? Contact us at:

If you are a CFO or Treasurer in a large corporation you might have made the experience that handling your banks can be quite cumbersome. FinnestPro Software Solutions helps you manage you transaction processes from your Request for Proposal, your selection of banks until the financing is closed, signed and disbursed. If this sounds interesting to you, please do not hesitate to contact us at:


Digitalising finance is still a peoples business. Therefore you find here your contacts for all your questions and queries.

Günther Lindenlaub, CEO

20 years of experience in investment banking, including managing Raiffeisen Bank International Group‘s „Loan Syndications & Debt Capital Markets“.

+43 664 5432412

Reinhard Hönig, CSO

25 years of experience in corporate banking, including managing „Corporate Business“ and „Trade & Export Finance“ for Investkredit and Raiffeisen Group.

+43 676 4108754