Similar to corporate bonds

Carefully selected, international investors pitch their best financing offers to you. You alone decide, which offers and which terms you accept.

Lower priced & faster

FinnestPro is 100% digitalized, allowing us to complete your financing quicker and for a better price than traditional institutions.

V.I.P. treatment

Our experts are at your service, 24/7! For your company's success, tap into decades of corporate financing expertise at a moment’s notice.

Your new financing source

Whether you run a successful medium sized company (Mittelstand) or an international corporation, FinnestPro offers you a new, innovative way of financing your business. Trusts, funds and insurance companies, as well as regional, private and savings banks are all actively seeking investment opportunities like yours. With FinnestPro, we connect you with the most distinguished financial institutions and complete your financing fast, simple and in a high-security environment.

You call the shots while carefully vetted institutional investors pitch their best offers to you. With just 1 click, you select the most attractive offers ranging from EUR 2.5 to 25 mln. and FinnestPro does all the rest. Our end-to-end automated platform, fully licensed by financial authorities, completes your transaction for a fraction of the cost and much faster than traditional institutions.

5 key benefits

  • Exclusive access to leading institutional investors
  • Investments that are tailored to your company's needs
  • You define all terms of your financing
  • End-2-end digitalization that guarantees fast and simple transactions
  • Our proven V.I.P. service is included

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Faster than traditional financing models. And at much lower costs.
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A completely new way of financing for companies and corporations on a growth path.

Ideal for mid-size companies with good credit scores, successful track records and annual revenues of more than EUR 10 mln.